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Wire Brushes


Flap Discs

Surface Conditioning


Z+ Fiber Discs

Wire Brushes

Wire Brushes are appropriate for polishing, light cleaning and removal of rust, paint and scale. CoreTemp Abrasives has two types of Wire Brushes: Small Cup Brushes and Knot and Stringer Bead Brushes.

Hardcore Flap

Hardcore Flap Discs larger size leads to immaculate contour work and are only available at CoreTemp Abrasives

Surf Cond

HardCore Surface Conditioning Discs from CoreTemp Abrasives provide a perfect solution for cleaning and finishing on all metals leaving a superb finish prior to painting.

Z+ Fiber Discs

Z+ Fibre Discs are heavy duty discs for use on heavy duty projects. They are long lasting increasing productivity. CoreTemp Abrasives Z+ Fibre Discs generate 7% more metal removal than the leading manufacturer at 36% less cost.

SuperCore .045 Wheels





SuperCore wheels are the longest lasting .045 wheel in the universe!









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