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Chris Roberts
CoreTemp Abrasives

Hi and welcome to CoreTemp Abrasives. After more than 17 years in the abrasives industry as Director of Product Development, Director of Sales, Director of Training and more, I can say with 100% certainty that I understand your frustration with using grinding wheels, cutting wheels and flap discs!
They all look the same, pricing is all over the place, everyone promises their “Wheel” is the best….or cheapest. What they don’t tell you is why the wheel you are using doesn’t work. They don’t tell you how to increase your productivity by looking at the tool, the application, and the wheel. I will tell you.
Having used these products in every type of fab shop, I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate these new QR (Quick Response) barcodes on the label of every product. You’ve seen these QR codes in all types of advertising. When scanned with your smart phone, your phone automatically goes to some website or video or anywhere it directs you to.
The QR barcodes on our labels link to an instructional high definition video of how to use that exact product. We have four different videos for grinding wheels, thin cutting wheels, chop saw blades and flap discs. It’s so good we have a patent pending!


CoreTemp Abrasives combine high productivity, low total cost and consistent performance. Our products have been designed to last longer, deliver faster results at better value than other abrasive systems. The items we manufacture are ideal for grinding, cutting and sanding. With exceptional abrasive technology the CoreTemp Abrasives system is a cut above the rest. Our product range includes: Cutting Wheels, Chop Saw Wheels and Blades, Flap Wheels, Thin Cutting Wheels, and Gas Saw Blades. We have products specifically made for stainless steel, carbon stell, aluminum and many other materials. We underpin everything we do with value, quality and exceptional service to ensure you get the performance you need every time.

Our Products

  • Thin Cutting Small New Products

    Take a look at our latest products. We are always developing new products to keep you competitive.


  • Thin Cutting SmallThin Cutting Wheels

    .045 thin cutting wheels designed for fast-cutting and long life on metal and stainless steel. Available in a flat Type 1 style and in the Type 27 depressed center style. The best wheel in the industry.

  • Flap SmallFlap Discs

    Premium zirconium grain flap discs available in high density jumbo style for long life. The largest range of metal removal to finishing, and contour finishing. Available in a plastic-backed version with built-in 5/8-11 threaded hub.

  • Chop Small Chop Saw Wheels

    Single reinforced wheels for fast burr-free cutting with maximum grain exposure for less heat build-up.

  • Grinding Small Grinding Wheels

    Premium grain for maximum metal removal, long life, smooth feel and great value. Formulated for metal and stainless steel.

  • Stainless GrindingStainless Grinding Wheels

    High performance specialty grain for 50% faster grinding than standard aluminum oxide. Formulated for stainless steel, inconel, titanium.

  • Gas SawGas Saw Blades

    Special aluminum oxide or silicon carbide grain for fast cutting and long life. Formulated for meta and concrete.

  • Flap WheelsFlap Wheels

    Premium aluminum oxide grain for fast stock removal and long life. Heavy duty backing. Formulated for ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals

  • Cotton FiberCotton Fiber Products

    Deburring Wheels and Mounted Points. Long life vs. standard deburring products. Formulated for stainless and aluminum.

  • QuickChangeQuick-Change Discs

    Premium aluminum oxide grain or zirconium Grain for fast stock removal and long life. Formulated for stainless, ferrous and aluminum.

  • UnitizedUnitized Wheels

    Hard density, medium grade, aluminum oxide for perfect finish without compound and buff. Formulated for stainless and aluminum.


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